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About Us

Hi guys and girls, welcome to the Archies Flip Flop retailer website!

My name is Daniel Jones. I am a Physiotherapist from Melbourne, Australia. While working as a private practice Physio, I found myself continually warning my patients with foot problems to stop wearing typical flat-soled flip flops.

Despite my best attempts to advise my patients to wear more supportive footwear, my pleas almost always went ignored, as flip flops are a way of life in the Australian summer!

The realization set in that there were no orthotic flip flops on the market that adequately catered to those who care about both their health and looking stylish. Let’s face it, the word “orthotic” itself has a negative connotation due to the bulky unstylish look that typically accompanies footwear of this variety.

When I first started, there was nothing on the market that I would personally wear myself! Furthermore, the price point of many of the available options was greater than what my patients would expect to pay for a typical flip flop.

After realizing there was a large gap in the market, I soon set out to create a flip flop that not only offered orthotic support but one that was both fashionable and affordable. It was my goal to create an orthotic flip flop that any health and fitness conscious individual could happily wear to and from training, down the street, to the beach or just when socializing with friends.

I also aimed to eliminate many of the other design flaws of 'regular flip flops' such as them often having a loose strap, lack of heel elevation and having straps that are made from hard plastic which commonly causes irritation and often breaks at the toe pole.

I started my initial prototypes in my nan and pops shed and after five years of extensive testing, research and development, and with input from some of Melbourne’s leading Podiatrists and Physiotherapist, Archies Arch Support Flip Flops were born!

We are a family run business operating from our home town in the country, Echuca-Moama on the New South Wales-Victoria border and now supply many leading Health Practices and Sports Stores Worldwide.

About Archies

Great adjunct to treatment: Archies are the perfect complimentary device for individuals who wear orthotics. Hard floors can wreak havoc on bare feet. Archies provide the perfect solution for those who need constant arch support but don't want to wear closed-toed shoes around the house. Also, the flip flops are very useful for the first step morning pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis (fasciopathy)!

Non-flip flop wearers can often wear Archies: Archies innovative design features make walking long distances feel more like tennis shoes than sandals! Once your patients/customers get used to them, they will never want to take them. Most people say that they simply cannot wear ‘normal flip flops’ after wearing Archies Flip Flops!

Impressive reviews from Healthcare Professionals and customers:  Archies have received some impressive reviews from some of Australia's leading Podiatrists and assorted Health Care Professionals. All agree that Archies are a great alternative to wearing flat-soled flip flops. Archies also have a large following among many of Australia’s elite athletes. 

FREE marketing for your business: We run extensive digital marketing campaigns (Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads) which drive customers to your locations. Even in the digital age a large percentage of consumers still prefer to try on footwear before purchasing.

Simple product with large market: Archies Flip Flops sell themselves. Retailers can easily add additional revenue while helping  your customers with a product that they will absolutely love!

100% Money back guarantee: You can order with confidence. If you decide Archies are not a fit for your location within six months of your initial order, we’ll buy back all unused pairs at your purchase price. No questions asked!  (terms apply - see Supply Agreement). However, this is very unlikely to happen!


Archies Benefits


Archies are sold in unisex sizes. Choosing the correct size is important to ensure the Archies patented Arch Support Footbed is position correctly on the foot.

Please click here for instructions on the best method to accurately measure your foot length

Please refer to the chart below to for your size in Archies.

Women's Size Conversion Chart

Men's Size Conversion Chart

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Wholesale Program Information
Archies Wholesale Program Important Information
Price of the Flip Flops
Wholesale: $17.50 / pair
Retail MSRP: $35.00 / pair
Minimum Order: None

Display Stand: Free with order over $350 (1 per location)
Shipping: Free for orders over $350
Shipping From: Utah

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