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How to use the online ordering form

How to place an order of Archies Flip Flops using the online ordering form:

Placing an order with Archies Flip Flops is super easy and once you know what you’re doing, it should only take you 2 minutes or so!

  1. Opening the online order form: To place an order, go to the ‘PLACE AN ORDER’ tab and select ‘Order Now’. Once in the ‘Order Now’ tab, the online ordering spreadsheet should appear.  


  2. Make sure you use the correct web browser:  Please note; the website and online ordering form does not function correctly when using older internet browsers such as Internet Explorer. For the website to function correctly you need to be using more modern internet browsers such as Google Chrome.
  3. Out of stock items: If the cell is highlighted in red, it means that the item you are trying to purchase is not in stock or there is insufficient stock to be able to fulfill the quantity you have entered. We do not have a back order system in place. If a particular item is out of stock, if you still wish to order that item, you will need to order this at a later date when that particular item comes back into stock. The date that out of stock items will be back in stock is always listed above the order form, highlighted in bold writing.
  4. Layout of order online form: The online ordering form has the flip flop colors on the left and sizes on the right.  


  5. Totals Calculator: On the right-hand side of the order form is the ‘Totals Calculator. The ‘Totals Calculator’ calculates the total number of pairs, the breakdown of colors ordered, the total cost of the order as well as the amount of spend required to get free shipping.  For example, in this case, you can see that an extra $35.00 (2 pairs) is required in order to get free shipping. When I add the extra 2 pairs, the previously blue tab will change to green and say ‘Your order Qualifies for Free Shipping’.
  1. Agreeing to terms of the supply agreement: Providing that you do agree to the terms of our supply agreement (do not worry, there are no tricks here!), click the checkbox to signify that you agree to the terms of the ‘Archies Footwear Supply Agreement’.
  2. Submitting your order: Please make sure that you do a final check of your order. In particular, review the ‘Totals Calculator’ on the right-hand side of the page to double check that you have ordered the right flip flops, the correct sizes and colors. Once you have checked that everything is ok, click on the red, ‘SUBMIT YOUR ORDER’ button.
  3. Entering your shipping details: If this is the first time that you have made an order, then you will need to enter your shipping details. However, if you are like me and are a returning customer, the shipping address will automatically default to the last address that you shipped to so you can use this or you can select any of your previous shipping addresses from the drop down menu.
  4. Discount codes: If you have a discount code for whatever reason, then use this discount code during checkout (when you pay for your order). Please note; if you using the discount code as part of a larger order that you are being charged for, the amount for the discount code will be deducted from the order total thereby potentially effecting whether or not you qualify for free shipping. So, keep an eye on the shipping cost if using a discount code when using it as part of a larger order in case it effects your free shipping.  Discounts_editing_the_cart_and_Shipping_Address
  5. Editing the cart: Before you click ‘Continue to shipping method’, you should review the cart items on the right-hand side of the page by scrolling through the cart and checking accuracy. This is important, as once the order has been submitted, the system does not let the customer or Archies Footwear edit the order and if you have missed pairs, an entire new order will need to be placed. If you realise there has been a mistake and you need to add or delete any items then click on the red link in the bottom left that says, ‘Click here to edit cart items’. This will enable you add any extra or delete any particular items that already in the cart. If you would like to add any items that are not already in the cart then you should click on the red link that says ‘Continue Shopping’ (In image below).  


    Once you are happy with all of the items the cart, you can then click on the ‘Agree to terms and Conditions’ and then on the red ‘CHECKOUT’ button.

  1. Quick review again before submitting the final order: If you have just updated the cart, it always pays to have a quick review of this before finally submitting the order, as remember, once it has been submitted, it cannot be changed!
  2. Choosing the shipping method: You then need to choose your shipping method. If you have ordered $350.00 worth of flip flops or more, then the cart will automatically default to free regular shipping. If you have ordered less than $350.00 of flip flops, then the shipping will be at your expense and the shipping charges will be view-able on the cart totals on the right hand side of the page. If wish to order express post, then please select express post. You will not be charged this at the time of ordering. If you have ordered $350.00 worth of flip flops and are ordering express, then you will only be charged the difference of express post and regular post. If you have ordered less than $350.00 worth of flip flops and order express, then the full cost of express post service will charged to your business.
  3. Continue to payment: Once you have selected your shipment method and you have reviewed the cart, providing it’s all good then you need to click on the black ‘Continue to payment method’ button.  


  4. Selecting your payment method: You then need to choose your payment method, either credit card or bank transfer. It is important to note that our payments terms are upfront, once payment has been received, we will send the order out immediately. We do not charge any extra fees for paying by credit card. Due the way the system works, Credit Card Payment will only be accepted on the spot / at the time of ordering.That is, if you do not pay for the goods as you checkout with your credit card, then you are required to pay via Bank Transfer.  We do not have the services set up to accept credit card payments over the phone. If paying by bank transfer, please ensure to the quote the invoice number in the payment message so that we can easily locate your payment.  When payment has been made via bank transfer, so that we can be notified to send your order and to ensure there are no delays, please send remittance advice to    



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Archies Flip Flops are unisex Flip Flops, we do not have a separate size system for men and women. Archies Flip Flops sizing runs very true to your normal US running shoe size (for both men and women), so we suggest to select that for your size.

If you are often different sizes in different brands, or if you have any doubts as to which size to choose and or you simply want to confirm your size selection, then we suggest to measure your foot length using the instructions below and check the recommended corresponding size via the Archies Flip Flops size conversion chart.  

Please click here for instructions on the best method to accurately measure your foot length

Women’s Size Conversion Chart

Using your normal ladies running shoe size, simply use the size conversion chart to help you choose your Archies Flip Flops unisex size. If you do not own a pair of running shoes, just select your most common ladies shoe size.

The sizes that are marked on the bottom of the Flip Flop are unisex sizes. E.g – If you order a Unisex 7 (Size US Men’s 7 / US Women’s 8), the Flip Flop you will receive will be marked with the unisex sizes (US 7 UK 6 EURO 40), however, it will be the exact equivalent of the women’s size (US 8 UK 5.5 EURO 39).

This does not change anything with regards to ordering. You can see the equivalent women's sizes in the size conversion chart and they are already converted for you at the checkout. 


Men's Size Conversion Chart

Using your normal men’s running shoe size, simply use the size conversion chart to help choose your Archies Flip Flops unisex size. If you do not own a pair of running shoes, just select your most common men’s shoe size.

The sizes that are marked on the bottom of the Flip Flops are unisex sizes which are the exact same as men's sizes. E.g – If you order a Unisex Size 10 (US Men’s 10 / US Women’s 11), the Flip Flop you will receive will be marked with the men’s sizes (US 10 UK 9 EURO 45).  So just order your normal US men's size!



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