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Top 4 things you MUST know about selling Archies Flip Flops

Archies Flip Flops are designed with a tighter strap than normal flip flops, however, if the strap is too tight, it is very easy to decrease the strap tightness by stretching the strap and toe pole with your hands in the sections where it feels too tight. When a customer tries the flip flops on, you should always ask them how the strap feels and stretch if for them if required. In fact, when we sell the flip flops at Events, it is common that we pre-stretch up to 50% of all the flip flop straps either before or after the customer tries on the flip flops so that the strap is more suited to their foot shape. Customers absolutely love this as they feel they are getting a more tailored service!

Please click here for or more information about why a tight strap is important and how to easily stretch the strap if it is too tight.

In terms of fitting and width, Archies Flip Flops are a reasonably narrow fitting flip flop so do not be concerned if the outside edge of your customer’s foot hangs over the outside edge of the flip flops as this is the normal fit for Archies Flip Flops. The most important thing is that the flip flops are comfortable and the orthotic sits in the correct position on the foot.

Please click here for or more information about the normal fit in terms of width for Archies Flip Flops.

In terms of fitting and length, a tighter / snug fit where there is minimal room between the end of the toes and the end of the flip flop is best as if you go too big terms in terms of length the orthotic does not sit in the correct position on the foot.

Please click here for or more information about the normal fit in terms of length for Archies Flip Flops and why it is important to have a tight / snug fit.

Archies Flip Flops more or less sell themselves, however if you want more people to experience the extreme comfort of Archies Flip Flops and the potential benefits that the design offers over typical flip flops, then there some important things we recommend to do and say. Obviously, the more people that are aware and educated about the issues of the design of typical flat flip flops and the advantages that Archies Flip Flops potentially offer over these other flip flops, then the more people will take up your recommendation.

If you have the time to spare, we simply suggest that with each of your customers that the therapist or store owner says something along the lines of, 'Did you see the Archies Flip Flops out there on the display stand? They are the most comfortable flip flops I have ever worn in my life and they are much better for you than flat flip flops. Do you wear flip flops at all?'. If they say yes, then you can go on to educate the patient as to what the problems are with normal flip flops and how the Archies Flip Flops Design addresses these issues. If they say ‘I don’t wear flip flops’, then you can ask ‘How come you don’t wear flip flops?’. Very often you will find that Archies flip flops solves these problems and they will be thankful that you have pointed this out to them. Customers also absolutely love the idea of wearing Archies Flip Flops as an in and around the house slipper to save walking on hard tiles and floorboards, especially if they are orthotic wearers!

Please click here for or more information on some suggested things to say to help more people experience Archies Flip Flops!

Archies Footwear Size Guide

Archies Footwear sizing runs very true to your standard running shoe size. We suggest selecting your standard size or measuring your foot length. 


Fit of Archies Flip Flops

Keep in mind that our flip flops should “fit like a glove” with very little space in front of the toes and behind the heels. See The Perfect Fit Video


Fit of Archies Slides

Our slides have a more relaxed fit than our flip flops but with the same amount of arch support. See The Perfect fit for Archies Slides video


If you already have a pair of our flip flops, follow these sizing tips:




You can also measure your footlength and use the size guide below


How to measure your footlength


  1. Place a piece of paper on a hard surface.
  2. Stand with the back edge of your heel lined up with the edge of the paper.
  3. Use a pen to place a mark behind your heel and at the top of your longest toe.
  4. Use a ruler to draw a straight line between the two. (It will be a diagonal line)
  5. Measure the length in cm and use our chart. For example, if your footlength is 24.8cm, the perfect range will be 24.3 - 25cm which is a US Men’s 7 / US Women’s 8 (UK 6 -6.5 or EU 39.5 - 40)


Half Sizes

Once more, it’s best to measure your footlength and use the size for the biggest foot (if your feet are different lengths). 


Narrow feet: If you’re a half size and have narrow feet, we recommend that you size down.


Wide feet: If you’re a half size and have wide feet, we recommend that you size up.


Use our size charts below to find your ideal Archies Size. Please note, the foot length is based on cm, please use a converter to find the approximate length in  in.

Women's Size Conversion Chart

Men's Size Conversion Chart

How to order
How to order your sample pairs
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  2. Enter the code SAMPLE at checkout to get your sample pairs for free.
  3. Enter your shipping details and complete your order

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Wholesale Program Information
Archies Wholesale Program Important Information
Price of the Flip Flops
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Retail MSRP: $40.00 / pair
Minimum Order: None

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